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Wholesale kitchenware china recommended answer: wholesale kitchenware refers to the kitchen tools, such as commercial induction cooker, smoking machine, blower Yeah; Wholesale dishware refers to the tools used on the table, such as chopsticks, bowls, knives, napkins, wine glasses, etc. Wholesale cookware refers to tools used in wild picnics, such as barbecue pits, pots, etc. The three are engaged in catering.

Wholesale cooking utensils Difference with wholesale tableware Cookware, which means utensils and utensils used for cooking, is a vernacular vocabulary that belongs to modern Chinese. In ancient times, the term was relatively rare and it was a modern Chinese vocabulary that was used frequently. In ancient China, there were ding, hu, zng, yn, and ت. Ding, which was originally made of pottery, began to be made of bronze after Yin Zhou. With the development of modern science and technology, the production materials of cooking utensils are constantly changing, mostly iron, aluminum, etc. The types of cooking utensils are also numerous, including rice cookers, microwave ovens, pressure cookers, and pans.

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