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An exciting kitchen The only way to clean up and clean up the kitchen is a big problem. Chinese cooking, it is wholesale dishware , sneak simmer stew, fine cooking process steps, if wholesale pots and pans, oil salt vinegar pick up unfavorable, often get confused. Therefore, the kitchen utensils, cooking tools and other storage consolidation, we should master two points, first, to avoid fuming, the second is to facilitate access. In order to make kitchen utensils to avoid fumes, we have to put all kinds of tools, including cleaning products, in cabinets in addition to seasonings, cooking spoons, and kitchen knives. When you store it, you must master a principle: commonly used wholesale cookware put down the layer, not commonly used in the upper layer. When you place wholesale dinnerware, you can open the wholesale kitchen sets, cover the pot, cover the lid, which saves a lot of space. The shovels, spoons, etc. for cooking are not recommended to be placed in the tub, but they should be hung with hooks (can be hooked with hangers); the bowls placed inside the cabinets are difficult to handle, and can be placed on the bottom of the bowl with cardboard or trays. When you use the card directly on the board. The commonly used ingredients, such as beans, vermicelli, etc., can be stored in large Coke bottles; wholesale plastic plates and utensils You can put it in a discarded tissue box. Of course, we don't just have to put it all in. We must, like Cheng Cheng-ge, hook up two plastic bags and put one plastic bag in the other. on. When cooking, we can also attach a hanger to the top of the hood, sandwiching gourmet magazines on it so that we can cook it while looking at the recipes. Isn't it very pleasant!

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